Cooking Fever Cheats: Tips to Hack Gems and Coins

Those who love this game must know some Cooking Fever Cheats to get more coins and gems easily. Cooking Fever is a game in the theme of time management that will test whether you have a good ability to work under pressure. It is one of the best cooking games with many fans because of the excellent visual effects, frenzied action, and the upgrades in RPG style.

Every player of this game should prepare all kinds of food and then serve the foods to the customers who order. To win the game, the players should make earnings and also develop the restaurant business. For those who are new in playing Cooking Fever, you can find some tips and tricks below about how to get more coins and gems free.

Cooking Fever Cheats Free Coins

Using Cooking Fever Hack Tool

Using the Cooking Fever hack tool online is a great trick that can make you earning Coins and Gems in unlimited amounts easily. Get the best cheats that are powerful enough and can make you a better cook in the restaurant. In this way, you can make the customers more satisfied so you can earn more and more coins and gems. It would help if you chose the right online hack tool to give free access and safety for your gadget.

These Cooking Fever cheats are great for beginners or those who have played for quite a long time. It will not make you waiting tiredly to upgrade the restaurant interior and purchase new cooking equipment. Find the cheats whenever you need to play more efficiently and don’t want to wait so long for the development. Make sure that you choose the best place with a web-based generator, so you don’t have to download any file to get the cheats. A reliable place of online cheats will be safe, so you will not get any malware or virus infection.

Great Features of Online Cooking Fever Cheats

This is the great features that should be had when you choose online cheats for Cooking Fever game;

  • You don’t have to download the program because it can be easily used from an internet browser directly.
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  • Free online hack tools that will make you have better experiences of playing the games.

Tips to Use the Cooking Fever Hack Tool

  1. Get into the online generator by accessing the buttons for the Cooking Fever Hack Tool.
  2. Then you should enter your username in the Game Center or your Google Play email. You can skip this step if you have had the game on your smartphone or tablet.
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Therefore, don’t waste your time playing the game for a long time, waiting for the development of the Cooking Fever game. Use the online hack tool to get the free coins and gems quickly without a need to download any application for Cooking Fever cheats.

Learn what about this Cooking Fever game

Prepare the Foods Earlier Based on the Order
Before you get many customers flocking in your restaurant, you can prepare the foods first. The customers will not complain about the foods that have been prepared before provided that you can keep it at the right temperature by using warmers. You will get the same coins to amount whether the foods have been prepared in 5 minutes or one hour. Prepare the foods based on the available equipment in the kitchen before the customers come. You can level up more quickly and get more coins and Cooking Fever free gems by reducing the customer waiting.

Kitchen Upgrade
After passing level one, you will have a chance for a kitchen upgrade. It will increase the capacity for cooking so you can cook more food items. The better cooking equipment can be purchased by using the earned amounts of cash. Besides, the old equipment also can be sold to get more money for a kitchen upgrade.

Do the Restaurant Upgrade
The restaurant upgrade can be done to make your customers happier and more comfortable while being in your restaurant. In the Cooking Fever game, there are 8 locations of restaurants, such as Breakfast Café, Bakery, Fast Food, Pizzeria, Sushi, Indian, Chinese, and Chinese. Also, add more features such as televisions, barstools, disco balls, and tables to the restaurant locations.
As you upgrade the restaurants, you will increase your reputation even more. The customers will also give some tips, and then talk to other people about your restaurant so you will soon have a widening base of customers.

Play Again the Levels that have been Completed
You can replay the completed levels with low scores to try playing better and making maximum scores. This cheat Cooking Fever will be possible for you to get more coins and gems. Then you can use the earnings for restaurant kitchen upgrades. It is also possible for you to get gold stars as well as points that come along with bonuses.

Increase the Food Prices in Your Restaurants
If you think that you don’t have plenty of coins in the game, you can use a strategy by increasing the food price. You can make the business running well with this trick, even though the customers may not think that it is a good idea.

Understand the Mood of Your Customers through Their Facial Expression
When you play Cooking Fever, you must notify your customer’s facial expressions: happy, angry, sad, or concerned. The feelings will depend on how satisfied they are to your service, how long they wait, the restaurant decor, and the quality of the foods. Understand the mood so you can act the best way to prevent the customers from being angry. Keep them happy is one of the best Cooking Fever cheats to do consistently so you can get gems and coins more quickly.