SimCity BuildIt Tips and Planning Guide for Beginners

In SimCity BuildIt, you can be the mayor of your own city. Your main responsibility is to make your citizens happy by providing them housing, necessities like water and electricity, and building factories and other important facilities for their citizens. It might sound easy, but it’s not. If you don’t equip yourself with good SimCity Buildit tips, strategies, and excellent decision making, your citizens might leave your city.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be the best mayor for your citizens? Are you up for the challenge of bringing your city to the top? This SimCity BuildIt Guide will make your job as a mayor of your city much easier.

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Important Facts about SimCity BuildIt

1. Collect Money and Build Your Town

Simoleons and SimCash are two of the three main currencies in this SimCity Buildit tips. You can use Simoleons to purchase resources to build structures for your city. You will obtain Simoleons from citizens’ taxes and also as rewards for building or upgrading city structures.

SimCash, on the other hand, is more valuable and harder to obtain. You can use it to accelerate the production process in the factory and convert it into Simoleons. You will get SimCash every time your city earns an achievement like hitting a certain number of populations.

2. Playing Online Is the Best Way to Enjoy the Game

SimCity BuildIt can be played offline. It means you can still build your city even without an internet connection. However, if you want to enjoy all the best things about SimCity BuildIt, you need to play online.

By playing online and signing in into Google Play, Facebook, or Game Center account, your progress will be automatically saved. So, if you change the device, you need to sign in to your account and continue where you left off. In addition, you also can visit your friends’ cities, purchase rare items from their trade posts, and never miss any updates that make the game more interesting.

3. Personalize Your City

This is your city so you can name it as you want. To change the name of your city, go to the Settings and choose “Change City Name.” Furthermore, you are also free to Zoom, Rotate, Tilt, and Pan the screen to get a better look at your city and its components.

Resources and Buildings in SimCity BuildIt

Housing is one of the most important aspects of this game. This is where your citizens will live and one of the keys to increasing the number of populations in your city. But to build and upgrade the homes and other structures—you need materials like nails, metals, woods, plastics, seeds, and minerals. Those materials are crafted in the factories.

Crafting those resources will take time. So, before you exit the game, make sure you keep your factories running, and all the production slots are occupied. Furthermore, don’t forget to upgrade the storage so you will always have access to the right materials when you need them. Read also how to get free SimCash.

City Layout Planning Guide

SimCity BuildIt is challenging because you need to think about where and how you put each building carefully. Basic Services like Water, Electricity, and Emergency Services are the keys to make your citizens feel happy and secure. So, please pay attention to those structures first and make sure to build them near residential zones.

On the other hand, factories should not be put in close vicinity with the residential areas. Just like in real life, factories are noisy, and no one can stand the pollution they produce. Don’t let your citizens suffer and keep their homes away from the industrial areas.

Getting the Golden Keys

The third main currency in SimCity BuildIt is the Golden Keys. It is the most valuable of all and can be used to buy incredibly beautiful and attractive premium buildings. However, unlike the two other currencies, Simoleons and SimCash, Golden Keys cannot be purchased in the store. The only way to obtain it is by saving your city from Dr. Vu.

Dr. Vu’s experiment can create disaster in your city. Once the population of your city has reached 90,000, you can activate Dr. Vu’s disaster challenge. When this challenge is triggered, various disasters like earthquake, meteor or UFO will arrive in your city and damage the homes. But if you can restore your city to its original state and make your citizens happy again, you will be rewarded by the precious Golden Keys.

General SimCity Buildit Tips for Beginners

1. Keep Your Citizens Happy

The main goal of SimCity BuildIt tips is to create a city with happy citizens. So, make sure you always check what your citizens are currently feeling. You can click the opinion bubbles on top of the residential buildings and find out what you can improve from your city to prevent your citizens from leaving. Be aware all the time of exclamation marks because they indicate problems that must be solved immediately.

2. Spend SimCash to Expand Store Capacity

Instead of using your precious SimCash to speed up productions, it is best to use it to expand store capacities. It is much more effective and cost-efficient in the long run

3. Separate Factories and Residential Areas

Even though you can’t see it, factories produce pollutions, and your citizens hate it. Make sure you separate the industrial and residential areas for the sake of your citizens’ happiness.

4. Frequently Check Your Friend’s Trading Post

When you visit your friends’ city, don’t forget to check their trading post. You might find something valuable to help you build your city.

5. Build and Destroy as You Like

Don’t hesitate to build structures that you deem will make your citizens happier. If later you decide those buildings are not useful, you can always move or even destroy it.

6. Build the Road

The buildings might be the ones that will attract new citizens, but roads are the ones that connect everything. Without proper roads to connect one building to another, all the structures you have built will go in vain, and your citizens will be upset. So, build the roads and start your SimCity BuildIt journey.